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Add warmth and
comfort to your space

Carpet adds warmth and comfort to your space. It is soft, beautiful and economical flooring option that can be installed easily on any kind of surface. It’s sound absorption and insulation properties makes it the best choice in a commercial and residential environment. Our carpets endure high traffic load and resist stains and spills. With so many colors and textures to choose from, you’re sure to find carpet that suits both your lifestyle and your budget.

Carpet Tiles

Commercial carpet tiles are well-known for their aesthetic styling and exceptional performance in the most demanding high traffic environments. ID Trading represents leading international brands of high quality carpet tiles for commercial application in high, medium and low traffic domains. We also work with global manufacturers to create custom designs, patterns and quality to meet every budget.

Our manufacturers engage in sustainable and environment friendly practices, therefore, all our products are manufactured using green technology which add to your LEED credits.

Typically, carpet tiles are machine tufted with the following yarns:

• Nylon
• Polypropylene

Carpet tiles are a flexible flooring solution that gives easy access to the floor underneath and simple to install and replace. Accessibility to underfloor cables is a great advantage in rooms that are constantly subject to change. Carpet tiles have high endurance to heavy load and are easy to use and maintain.

General Application:

• Commercial Office Space
• Hotels and Restaurants
• Educational and Healthcare Facilities
• Retail Space

The backing of carpet tiles is made from diverse materials, catering to different purposes and environments. they are also made of recycled contents following sustainable manufacturing process.

Typical backing materials are :

  • PVC
  • Bitumen
  • Cushion

Patterns & Designs

We have a wide range of patterns and designs in different yarns, backings, shapes and sizes to compliment every concept and budget.

Brand Partners

Axminster carpet &
Area rugs

Broadloom carpets &
Carpet tiles

Hand Tufted rugs


Our carpets are manufactured using recycled contents and adhering to sustainable practices that contribute to LEED credits.

Have big design ambitions? Working with large floor spaces?
Then Broadloom Carpet is your ideal choice.

Broadloom Carpet design is paramount to the room’s atmosphere, as the specific patterns and colour choices amplify or downplay the visual effect of your space. When you use a broadloom carpet, the surface appears as one large pattern without physical joints and breaks in the design. This special look is achieved with the carpet which is a fundamental element connecting the room’s interior design elements.

We offer our customers a choice of different carpet qualities, which differ in fiber type, construction and price in addition to numerous backing options in terms of materials, acoustics, comfort and price. This means that wall-to-wall carpet’s physical components can be combined to meet the needs of any project.

Our partners’ carpet manufacturing process is totally integrated from start to finish. We control every aspect from the selecting and blending the yarn, right through to the finished weave. Yarn preparation, dyeing and colour control is done using the latest equipment and production techniques ensuring rigorous high standards are maintained at all times.

We offer a wide selection of backing solutions specially developed to meet the demanding requirements for industry standards, comfort, acoustics, durability and minimal environmental impact.

Our carpet backings are divided into 3 types:

  • Latex Backing
  • Textile Backing
  • Acoustic Backing
  • Eco-friendly Backing made from Recycled Textile Materials

Area Rugs

An area rug is one of the elements that greatly transforms the aesthetics in interior design. The light, minimalist spaces with seamless architecture are softened by a dramatic hue. They create an inviting zone of calm and unity in a space or even a bold statement of colour and shape on the floor. Because area rugs create an inviting and cozy atmosphere, they are becoming increasingly popular in showrooms, offices and hotel rooms. The rug design is also used to highlight the interior trend with botanical motifs, geometric shapes or understated tone-on-tone combinations. Area rugs can be used to enhance the interiors using minimal resources.

Area rugs create an inviting and cozy atmosphere. The rug design is also used to highlight tOur wide assortment of rugs are constantly extended with new collections. We offer products made of both, natural raw material – wool, and also excellent synthetic fabrics or a blend of both. Our product range also includes runners, which create an integral whole with rugs, in modern patterns and traditional motifs.

We create and develop custom designs with various yarn types and blends in hand tufted, machine tufted, hand knotted and axminster weave. We support interior designers and project managers in giving the right solution at their budget.


We install our carpets with precision and conforming to the guidelines of the manufacturer. Our installation team is well trained by the respective manufacturer and we use glue, underlay and other accessories recommended by them.


Investing in carpeting should yield the best possible comfort and convenience.

A good quality underlay plays an important role in underfoot comfort and luxury as well as prolonging the effective life of your carpet. An underlay gives your carpet flexibility, making it more comfortable and pleasant to walk on.

Applying an underlay has many other important advantages too. It’s cushioning effect reduces wear, prolonging the life and aesthetic appearance of the carpet. The underlay’s increased sound absorbing capacity means that a carpeted floor is significantly quieter.