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Ceiling Systems

Ceiling systems with captivating design, room acoustics, fire protection as well as conforming to hygiene, moisture resistance and air purity. They are adaptable to the demanding requirements of specific projects.

Decorative Ceiling

Our decorative ceilings are available in aluminum and wood finishes, in a wide array of designs, shapes and sizes.

Wood offers universal installation and design flexibility as they can be installed with multiple orientations and configurations.

These panels will provide any space with the dignified appeal of real wood ceilings, along with the added benefits of superior fire resistance and sound performance.

This easily-installed, custom metal ceiling system allows you to create a unique design tailored to your unique space.


We provide installation services for all our decorative, acoustic and stretched ceilings.

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Ceiling Panels

Sound absorption & radiant systems

Stretched Ceiling


Our ceiling solutions are manufactured using recycled contents and adhering to sustainable practices that contribute to LEED credits.

Acoustic Ceiling

We believe that acoustic design and visual design should complement each other because they’re both a source of comfort and well-being. The acoustic
performance of a space can be greatly enhanced by using the right acoustic materials in design.

What does the expert say?

The quality of sound can greatly enhance or inhibit any space. That’s why balanced acoustics are essential to every space. Our wide range of ceiling solutions is designed to be not only pleasing to the eye, but also music to your ears.

Our ceiling systems are ideal for every purpose. They protect against fire and moisture, insulate and absorb sound, cool rooms and meet the highest standards of hygiene and cleanliness.

Panels feature architecturally
inspired designs.

Our acoustic coverings are highly microperforated which
allows for a high level of acoustic performance.

These coverings can be coated with stock or custom colors, or printed with high-resolution digital, stock or custom images. Ceiling tiles, or cloud-like effects, can be created to enhance both design and acoustic properties.


• Education
• Commercial Offices
• Leisure & Sports
• Retail
• Hotels & Restaurants
• Healthcare

Stretched Ceiling

3-Dimensional Panels

Three-dimensional curved panels punctuate flat ceiling planes with rhythm and depth. These panels create myriad patterns with just one simple panel shape. They are Lightweight lay-in panels installed into a narrow-profile suspension systems, allowing full ceiling accessibility. Luminous panels
may be backlit with LED strip fixtures or integrated with standard lay-in fixtures.

Used together to create 3D patterns or randomly add dimensional variability, these panels provide unique and unexpected dimension.


All our ceiling solutions are complimented with a wide range of accessories required for a seamless installation. They can adapt to simple ceilings and walls as well as intricate designs and complex shapes. Our profiles are available in 3 different materials:
aluminum, ABS and PVC.