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Commercial Kitchen

Commercial Kitchen for
Mass Catering to Exclusive Restaurants

Commercial Ovens

Our full line of state-of-the-art combination ovens guarantee high quality and versatility combined with ease of use and energy savings. Our equipment also features a set of new functions that allows you to simultaneously manage up to 20 different cooking processes.

We offer a range of compact combi ovens designed to deliver the best performance-size ratio to save space in the kitchen. Customers can also choose from our range of static pizza ovens and deck ovens.

They come with innovative smoke and pasteurizing accessories; and also an efficient self-cleaning function, making the equipment completely automatic and 100% safe.

Professional Cooking Equipments

Our conventional side-by-side modules includes multifunctional elements above and below the top, freeing up valuable floor space.

Our basic modules are easily transportable, easy to clean, and highly customisable to suit different service needs from catering and banqueting to fast food and even show-cooking.

Our compact kitchen models offer superior performance and extreme modularity. Maximum strength is obtained by selecting the highest grade stainless steel and using components that are, on average, 20% thicker than other models in the market.

Customers can also choose from our state-of-the- art cooking range, designed to be situated in the center of the kitchen, guaranteeing maximum work ef ciency on all sides.

The range’s performance is ensured by its central positioning; maximising space, combining high power with reduced consumption, lowering costs and also holds a CSQA hygienic design certification that guarantees easy cleaning.

This cooking range is a versatile line that can support the work of many chef teams with its two-sided controls, pass-through ovens and compartments, and central cooking surfaces and flues.

The one-piece worktop cooking range is the perfect solution for those who prefer maximum sturdiness, hygiene and beauty. These are the preferred choices for both main kitchens and open-style kitchens.