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Carpet & Rugs Installation

We install our carpets with precision and conforming to the guidelines of the manufacturer. Our installation team is well trained by the respective manufacturer and we use glue, underlay and other accessories recommended by them.


Investing in carpeting should yield the best possible comfort and convenience.

If you’re looking for a good carpet, then it’s important to know that a good quality underlay plays an important role in underfoot comfort and luxury as well as prolonging the effective life of your carpet. An underlay gives your carpet flexibility, making it more comfortable and pleasant to walk on.

Applying an underlay has many other important advantages too. It’s cushioning effect reduces wear, prolonging the life and aesthetic appearance of the carpet. The underlay’s increased sound absorbing capacity means that a carpeted floor is significantly quieter.

Wallpaper, Wall Panel & Fabric Installation

Each different kind of wallpaper has its own distinct way of installation. It is always prudent to follow manufacturer’s guidelines to avoid wastage or inaccurate installation especially if it is a design or natural wallpaper. Important things to note are choosing the right glue, ensuring the wall is leveled, smooth and dry and the room temperature is optimum post installation. We provide installation services for all our wallpapers, wall panels and fabrics. Our trained craftsmen ensure impeccable and seamless execution of jobs according to manufacturer’s guidelines and project specifics.

Wood Flooring Installation

Wood floors can be installed using the floating or glued down methods. The tongue-and-groove system is practical and lets you lay the planks in a single ‘click’, without the need for glue. On the other hand, the traditional ‘glue down’ method uses dedicated Parquet Glue for installation.

The right underlay is critical for floating installation. This has a major impact on the final look, quality and comfort of your wood floor. Very easy to install, the underlay creates a level base for your floor, providing excellent acoustic and thermal insulation along the way.

Ceiling Installation

We provide installation services for all our
decorative, acoustic and stretched ceilings.