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At ID Trading, we have a passion to reflect and give shape to the way of light. Our partners design and develop high quality contemporary light fittings characterized by simple mounting and high performance. With an extensive range of light fixtures, we offer a wide spectrum of lighting applications and solutions for commercial, residential and hospitality projects.

Our LED’s offer high technical parameters, energy efficiency and top level design. We cover the most comprehensive range of LED light fittings that meet the expectation of the most demanding and uncompromising creators of surrounding – the architects and designers.

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Energy Saving & LEED

Green buildings can be defined as having structures and using processes that are environmentally responsible and resource efficient throughout their lifecycle. By investing in a sustainable green building, you can benefit from energy and cost savings, reduce your CO2 emissions, increase your brand reputation, have happy, healthy employees and stay competitive. It’s about taking a long-term view that can often deliver surprising short-term results.

When it comes to lighting, and the overall consumption and costs of electricity for structures utilizing green building practices, the installation of energy-efficient and sustainable lighting, like LEDs, can help buildings reach and exceed the required amount of points needed to receive the LEED Certification faster and easier. It is not difficult to meet this requirement, but it is challenging to exceed the requirement by a significant amount. To increase energy-efficiency when it comes to lighting, buildings are recommended to do the following:

  • Eliminate incandescent lighting whenever possible
  • Install automatic shutoff controls
  • Maximize day-lighting
  • Use multilevel switching and ambient task lighting
  • Install LED exit signs
  • Use efficient exterior lighting that automatically shuts off

LED lighting is the most energy-efficient light option available today. Buildings can dramatically reduce energy consumption and costs by installing LED lighting, in addition to taking advantage of natural daylight and installing a number of controllability features.

All our lighting products support the environment and ensure sustainable energy saving options, enabling easy LEED certification.