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Refrigerators & Refrigerated Counters

  • Highly energy efficient, totally hygienic and exceedingly flexible refrigerator models.
  • Refrigerator range suitable for trolleys.
  • Refrigerated counters with high energy efficiency, in two different depths and a choice of anti-finger print steel finish and special anti-microbes treatment.
  • Free-go refrigerators with a choice of one piece internal and external structure.
  • Retarder/Prover cabinets that are perfect for overnight proving.
  • Pastry refrigerators with even temperature distribution, evaporator and air circulation system.
  • A complete range of pizzeria refrigerated counters that ensure maximum hygiene and efficiency.
  • Robust refrigerated salad counters.
  • Ice cube makers that sharply reduce bacteria and algae formation.
  • Cold rooms for all storage needs: both normal- and low-temperature, with panels in food- grade non-toxic plastic-coated plate with special anti-microbes treatment.

Blast Chillers & Freezers

  • Ergonomic and efficient.
  • Extreme ease of use.
  • Satisfies the most high-paced rhythm of activities, thus reducing operating costs.
  • Digital panel control board providing an easy and rapid navigation.