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Ignite your creativity and enhance your space by decorating your walls
with our wide variety of wallpapers and wall panels.

We offer wallpaper, wall panels, fabrics and borders in a wide array of patterns, colours and styles to meet the interior decorating needs of a commercial space, home or a hotel. Our broad range of wall coverings is available in different material and designs to meet your specific needs. They can be customized to your project requirement.


Wallpaper installation can be simple at the same time tricky. Each different kind of wallpaper has its own distinct way of installation. It is always prudent to follow manufacturer’s guidelines to avoid wastage or inaccurate installation especially if it is a design or natural wallpaper. Important things to note are choosing the right glue, ensuring the wall is leveled, smooth and dry and the room temperature is optimum post installation.

We provide installation services for all our wallpapers, wall panels and fabrics. Our trained craftsmen ensure impeccable and seamless execution of jobs according to manufacturer’s guidelines and project specifics.

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Our wallpapers, wall panels and fabrics are manufactured using recycled contents and adhering to sustainable practices that contribute to LEED credits.